Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Did I marry my dream man?

Back when I was so into my ex. I would always ask for a sign if he was the one for me – and for all those signs the answer would be “IT’S NOT HIM”.

And the signs are TRUE. He wasn’t really the one for me! Gladly, I found the man that I always see in my dreams…

God-fearing, good-looking, musically inclined, sporty, lovable and sweet! That’s none other than my husband! Wink

Rodliz’s Nest


Mommy Liz said...

short but astig ang dating, hahaha! yan si Mareng Niko.. I am glad you found the man of your dreams..

Rossel said...

God surely knows who to give us. You deserve a good husband because you're a good person so he gave you Yobib.

Lady Patchy said...

glad you found your dream man.

Cecile said...

found the man of my dreams, to :-)

Cecile said...

knowing your love story before Yobib....i say that God has someone prepared for you and that is Yobib.

AC said...

naman!!! complete package si yobib for you girl... yung akin eh hindi sinamahan ni lord ng sporty... haha!!!

Mel_Cole said...

Ha! So short but you truly speak from the hear! Thumbs up!

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