Monday, June 21, 2010

Simplify Your Life and the Earth

In times past, being environmentally aware was not really on the front burner for most Americans. In the 1980's recycling began picking up some steam particularly among elementary school children as it began to be taught in schools with aluminum can drives and other such activities. Today, many cities within the United States make recycling a priority and it's very easy. Some towns have made recycling mandatory. There are many things that a person can do daily to make their lives more green and most are surprised at how making the few changes they can tends to improve the quality of their lives.

The first thing most people can do is to just check their outlets for any extra appliances that may be draining power but aren't needed for constant use. Make your computer sleep or shut it down completely, as it saves a lot of energy. Appliances like coffee makers and video game consoles that have time displays or lights tend to drain even more. Consider what you need on constantly, and what can be unplugged and you will likely see a direct difference on your next power bill. Changing your light bulbs and appliances costs cash upfront, but they pay for themselves over a little bit of time, so that may be your next step.

Paper makes a lot of waste and costs a lot of trees. Changing your bill paying habits can help a lot by using a bank's online bill pay features or you can see if the companies you patronize can send your bills to you electronically via email. Find out who to call to get your junk mail discontinued. You can also read the news and use coupon codes online to eliminate the need for newspaper delivery. Whether it's saving money or streamlining and maximizing efficiency, going green is a great idea and starting has never been easier!


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