Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Negative Times Three

Depressing but more than that I am so scared on what’s wrong with me. Hub said I should consult a doctor on weekend, some specialist should have me checked. I am a bit stressed the past few weeks but at least I should have signs that I am nearing the red flag soon.

For the past days now, I have nausea every morning and my head is swirling like crazy every afternoon around 5pm. This is very unusual for me. I only experience headaches and nausea when I was pregnant with Yena.

I have tried the test three times already and they all turned out negative. The online pregnancy test I took is telling me that I have 30% possibility of being pregnant. All the tests are turning to negative but why do I feel something else…

Depressed. I am depressed.


Umma said...

Waaaah... just go for a check up mareng Niks.. it might be something you should know asap.

kittykat said...

alam mo sis minsan psychological nalang yong mga symptoms eh..lalo pa minsan gusto natin siya maramdaman..though I am not saying you are not really pregnant ha..but I think Yobib is right..and I already told you so many times already to consult a doctor..ayyy..tigas ng ulo kasi bha..

Curious Mind said...

pa blood test ka. hehe. patingin ka na din sa psychiatrist. hehehe

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