Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CC: Mushroom Likes and Dislikes

Husband and I share the same interest in blogging. We both like to blog most especially if there’s some oppps from M, heheh. In terms of eating, my husband loves fish, vegetables and fruits. His favorite dish is kilawin. I on the other hand love everything junk. He likes to cook but dislikes washing the dishes. He likes basketball and dislikes badminton.

Husband dislikes taking medication even if he is sick. He would only go to the doctor when he cannot take it any longer. He likes to tease me every now and then, teasing is his favorite hobby. He likes to drink alcohol with his cousins but dislikes smoking.

I need to ask him to blog about what he likes and dislikes about me, I really don’t know what he likes about me aside from my uber gorgeous body before, don’t take the last sentence seriously am only kidding hihi.

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Mommy Liz said...

Super gorgeous body ba Mare? Hehehe. I love Kilawin also, but I don't think hubby would eat it. Well at least you both like blogging, si Rodney, tamad, sarap gatukan, hehehe..

Rossel said...

i like kilawin din pero si hubby ko ayaw. pareho sila ni yobib hindi basta-basta umiinom ng gamot. ako e addict sa gamot.

ano nga ba likes and dislikes mo, sis? nasaan na ba entry ni yobib?

kha said...

Te Niks chenks sa pag follow.. ;D bad wifey unhealthy ang food trip mo..tsk tsk.. (=

Yami said...

In fairness marce gorgeous ka naman talaga eh. sana ma-maintain mo kahit maging pregy ka pa ng ilang beses. :)

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