Wednesday, August 04, 2010

CC: Opps Opposite!

While I love news about entertainment, the buzz or showbiz central and the likes my husband loves sports news. I love reading books and ebooks he prefers to listen to my stories instead. I love watching Kris Aquino, he loves watching current news instead. I love chocolates, corn and milk while he always prefers fruits.

He loves basketball and James Yap, I don’t, hahah. He loves fish, fruits and vegetables and I love junk foods. He loves to cook but hate the dirty kitchen sink, I love to wash the dishes. He creates a lot of mess around the house and hates cleaning, I love to clean and keeps everything in order.

He loves to watch scary films, I love romantic and comedy films. He loves only Levis, I can go for any brand of jeans. He is very thrifty while I am a compulsive shopper. I love to sell stuffs and he is too shy to do that. I am 5 months older that him but he is very mature for his age, while I am uhmmm I feel so much younger when I am with him. LOL

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Rodliz’s Nest


Rossel said...

si rhonnel din no.1 fan ng purefoods at ni james yap. di pwedeng kausapin pag naglalaro ang purefoods at mainit ang ulo pag natalo sila. grrr! what's with basketball ba? ehehe.

you are totally opposite but i think it is what balances your marriage that's why you have a perfect love nest. happy cc!

Mommy Liz said...

Tama ka, may mga similarities nga tayo, especialy the romance movies, the reading too. buti pa si Pareng Yobib, loves to cook, wahhh! kelan kaya mag la love to cook ang asawa ko. 5 months older ka, pero childish kapag kasama mo asawa mo? ganon ba ang intindi ko dun? you!

Mel Cole of PA, USA said...

We're the same, hubby likes to watch scary and monster movies, me I prefer romance movies :)

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