Monday, August 16, 2010


I don’t know if I am born a natural flirt coz every morning it’s a routine for me to say I love u and I miss u to husband. At messenger I would usually tease him those same words and would comment that it seems like he doesn’t feel the same.

This morning, I told him I miss him and he replied; should I say it every single day? Of course I do!

Told him, he should. (am a demanding wife!) Lol

And he replied: I miss you so much baby, that’s for today until Friday ok?! ^_^

I don’t know if it’s just me. I cannot let the day pass without saying how much I love him or how much I miss him or how much I am thankful that he is my husband.

*And this post’s worth is a trip to max’s or pizza hut with a FREE movie date on saturday! ^_^ I love to flirt ^_^ 

This is what i usually do when i want' something :) So this shall be my share on Couple's Corner this wednesday. Happy CC!


f e R r y j H o i said...

hihihihi, sweet naman teh niks...
Para tuloy gusto ko na ding maging flirt kung palaging may Pizza hut!!

Kayce said...

aw! ang sweet mo naman sis! ako din parang gusto ko rin magpa flirt sa hubby ko... nyahahaha! nahahawa tuloy ako sayo sis... ahihihih!

Mommy Liz said...

it just happens that you love Yobib so much and he loves you back. Maraming couples na hindi sila nagsasabihan ng i love you at I miss you. Maswerte tayo Mare at maganda ang marriage natin, na mahal tayo ng mga mahal natin. Ke Rodney, konting kindat ko lang, eat out na, kapag may mas malaki akong gusto, more than kindat ang need, hehehe!

Cecile said...

i am like you Niko when it comes to saying "i love and miss you everyday...." i even say it more than once and vice versa.....:-)

Anne said...

uhmmm... no comment... i'd rather be on the safe side (on my part)... hehe...

pero k Niko, natural na nya yan... even she did not do such things she isn't Niko... ;)

Rossel said...

and who wouldn't give in with your flirt? i am sure you always get what you want kase hindi ka matatanggihan ni yobib.

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