Monday, September 13, 2010

Rule of Probability in Relationships

Some relationships are just so predictable. Two people who started so deeply in love, been ups and downs, enjoy the shared bond for forever years, known to the world as a couple and finally, say I do’s. But most are surprisingly blooming at the least expected moment. Two people, each from one end of the rope and finally wind up in a knot. Well, most of these are whirlwind relationships that turn the world upside down and bring surprise to everyone.

Probability never matter in relationships.. it is like drawing yourself into online casino gambling, it is the courage you put on as you take the risk. Ratios to win successful affairs can never be computed. It is the faith you invest to stick with your partner. So, if you are looking for the easy way of getting the most probable action to earn a beautiful relationship, well, you will never find it in a roll of dice or a spin of a coin.. You choose to love and you stand to fight for it!


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