Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Mushrooms New Wedding Band

I should not be blogging about this since husband already wrote about this weeks ago on his blog but since i am on a diet right now and instead of going out and get myself a snack i decided to just write to somehow forget i am getting hungry (i could eat a two piece chicken, a large fries, an up size drinks, rocky road ice cream and extra rice at jollibee! i swear!) LOL
The new wedding band
So this is our new wedding ring. The old pair is kept safely at home. We bought this last month at Lhuillier (our old pair we bought at Binondo!). Lhuillier's stall at SM is awesome, their sales lady in particular is very very accomodating. If the temptation and the budget is big we could have bought another ring for me and a bracelet for husband, lol.


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