Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I want from Kabute! What I want from Kabute! (Repeat 100 times)

I want him to stay as he is even if he always annoys me big time. I want him to stay the same – no more, no less. I want him to still cook me my favorite food every time I crave for them. I want him to treat me like his baby. I want him to be the man that he is most especially when defending me from ‘insane’ people. Ok, materially, he knows that I want this ring only if we win on the lottery! LOL

I want him to do the laundry on Saturday (he doesn’t like dirty clothes). I want him to jog with me on weekends (he finds it hard to wake me up early on weekends just to jog). I want him to bring me to the cinema and watch sa’yo lamang (this is very impossible – he doesn’t like tagalog movies). I want him to clean the whole house on weekends (he is the messiest person you will ever met!)

Seriously, I don’t want him to change his ways – coz he will be perfect and our married life would be boring if that happens! LOL

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sheng said...

Sabi nga love natin ang mga asawa natin sinuman at anuman sila....Happy CC Niko..

i've got something for you here..

Vhen said...

yay! that's sweet!

following you from CC..

Roxxy said...

oi ganda ng ring Nik, taba rin siguro ng price noh?haha..Haver a great day!

Soulful said...

you're right! he doesn't need to change anything about himself. he just has to be a better 'HE' and you in turn have to be a better 'you'... but think about it, you don't need to be better if you already are the best in what you do, so no need to change anything at all, lol! nice post!

Rossel said...

that's true, a perfect marriage is boring. sa description mo parang ang saya nyo sa bahay kahit medyo riot sa kalat ni!

my CC entry is here.

imriz said...

i couldn't agree more, pag may slight change bka hindi na siya un db:)

Mommy Liz said...

So in short, there is really nothing you want from him but his personality to remain the same. Oy, loves ko yung pagiging domesticated nya ha, bakit kaya si Pare mo, wala nyan, kaasar yun ha. Inggit ako dun ah, na ba kapatid si Yobib, oy, ayaw ko yung chick boy, hehehe..di para sa akin, para sa niece ko.. charing!!!

Clarissa said...

Nyahahahaa!!You're one spoiled wife nga talaga--cyempre dapat sundin ni Yobib ang mga wants mo sa kanya(kung hinde,di nya matatanggap ang gusto nya sa yo lol!)

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