Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Honeymoon at Whites and Greens Beach Resort

November 20 is the planned pool party for my daughter and her cousins. That’s my treat to them for my 29th birthday. You may call it my first ever birthday party in my 29 years of existence and I have been saving for that through my blogging money.
But there’s a big change on my plans. On that day we will fly to BOHOL and will spend my birthday at Whites and Greens Beach Resort. The generous owner of that little paradise offered 3 days and 2 nights ALL EXPENSE PAID VACATION!. Read this: FREE AIRFARE via PAL, 3days 2nights accommodation, all our meals and 3 days tour of bohol countryside etc etc.
if this isn't inviting then what it?!
He told me to call it a ‘honeymoon’ of sort for me and husband. And I remembered – husband and I weren’t able to have a honeymoon 3 years ago!! And an offer as good as that is too good to be true but it’s REAL. I already have our PAL tickets and the resort is waiting for us next month! Isn’t he heaven sent?!
one of the cottages of Whites and Greens Beach Resort
So the pool party will be on one Saturday of this month to celebrate our third wedding anniversary with our families and to celebrate my 29th birthday we shall go to BOHOL – gratis!!!

photos were grabbed from their site: http://www.whitesandgreens.com


Beth said...

This is too good to be true!! How did you do that? Hay... I hope I can go there too! Sana kilala ko din owner niyan resort na yan! :) Hilig ko pa naman gumala and dream ko talaga pumunta sa Bohol! :)

w0rkingAth0mE said...

wow, it will be exciting the pool party and the honeymoon again heheh, advance happy birthday =)

kittykat said...

Call it an early b-day gift ganda..a gift you truly deserve...inggit naman ako...sana ako din merong ganyan..have fun....i am sure you will..mwuahh..

Beng said...

sabi nga ni toni gonzaga sa the buzz, "you sow what you reap"...

in tagalog.....kapag may tyaga may nilaga, lalo na kung makulit......bwahahahaha..

so happy for you!

Sam said...

woooot! kainggit mare! hahaha!

Rossel said...

i am sure it would be a blast. kapag ganyang kaganda ang lugar e para ngang masarap maghoneymoon ulit, ehehe.

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nuts said...

i am so green with envy here... major major.. =) enjoy your vacation.

fedhz said...

at shempre di na naman tuloy ang plans natin. haha. lilipad na lang ako sa hongkong. hmp! ako lang mag isa. bwahaha

Mylene said...

This one great birthday treat!!! Enjoy your day este days!!!!

Clarissa said...

I'm soo happy for you and Yobib my dear!!!Sana dun mabuo si jr!^_^

Kayce said...

hahaha! tama si sis clarissa, sana doon na nga mabuo si Jr.. hehehe!

Cecile said...

advance happy bday, Niko....baka mabuo na nga si jr...woohooo..

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