Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Written in the Stars

I missed CC last week! To say that I am stressed at work is an understatement. I can be very busy at work but can join the weekly memes but last week was terrible. And this week – seems lighter – I hope.

So for CC’s sensitivity last week, that theme I guess is for me, lol. I am the queen of sensitivity. Ask my husband! On our first months of being a couple we would have a misunderstanding because I hurt so easily. He is the most sarcastic fellow on earth while I was the most hypersensitive human being. So imagine when he makes fun of me – i always end up locking myself in our room at MIL’s house.

But that was before. Now I learned how to be as sarcastic as he is. I can play around his teases and I ain’t that vulnerable anymore!

So for the CC theme this week, on the hardest days of our marriage life I guess it’s the first years.. I mean I was really sensitive while he’s very much a joker. Everything for him seems light and he cant seem to get serious – but that’s his personality - bubbly but masunget at times, hihi.

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Rodliz’s Nest

ps: for the title of this post, that's one of our favorite songs! ^_^


Mommy Liz said...

Si Rodney rin Mare, lagi akong ipinapahiya ( hehehe, making fun of me..) sa ibang tao, kinukuneto ang mga ka ginorantehan ko noong una pa lang kami nagsasama, nakakainis, ang sarap manampal, pero ngayon, kahit anong sabihin nya, tinataasan ko na lang ng kilay.

The first years of marriage is always the hard days, kasi get to know each other pa lang yun, di ba? but with LOVE and the rest, marriagge survives..

Chris said...

the first years were also the hardest for me.. :)

Vhen said...

i guess for us was third and fourth years. =)

following you hope you follow back =)

zoan said...

lahat ata ng boys ganyan:D yung bf ko din kasi niko, medyo joker din:D kahit seryoso na dapat ehehehe

Halie said...

Awa naman ng Diyos at mas matanda ang asawa ko sakin at hindi niya yan ginagawa. Pero ang style naman niya eh minsan hindi niya pinapansin ang mga friends ko kahit dito sa house, kaya minsan napapahiya ako dahil feeling ng mga kaibigan ko ayaw sa kanila ng asawa ko. But he adjusted naman kahit paano.

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