Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary Kabute!

I was expecting a date at Balinsasayaw, the place where we had the reception after our civil wedding 3 years ago. You said we have to get back to the place by hook or by crook. Maybe you thought we spent a fortune at Medz Resort last sunday so you said to just get back there some other time. Maybe next year... or next next year. The way i know you, you would always choose not to spend for occasions. But that's always fine with me daddy. What matters most is that we're together... that through the years we still hold on to the promises we made at Victoria Court (the name of the lady judge that officiate our wedding) ^_^
And to see Yena's priceless face at the resort would bend your rules. Splurge if its for her happiness! I know you would not say NO to another party if it would make our little mushroom happiest ^_^

And i hope we get a good travel deal for next year. I really hope we could spend our 4th year outside the Philippines.. How about Spratlys?

Happy Anniversary Daddy Kabute!

Love you more and more each day!!!


Mel Cole said...

Happy Anniversary po sa inyo! Sweet couple :) I am your new follower sis.

mona said...

happy anniversary guys! stay happy =)

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