Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mañana Habit

This theme for today's Couple's Corner is for my husband! He loves to say - i will do that later, will fix that tomorrow, will do tonight etc etc. Perfect mañana habit. He is always like that - sometimes to just tease me coz i don't want things left undone so if i can do it i will do them myself. And that would make him feel victorious, lol!

Just timing coz last week i asked him to fix the sound system at home friday night and he was able to fix them monday afternoon! Imagine how much of a nag i am everyday asking him to please fix it so i can have some music while doing the household chores. Grabeeeee!

But his ways make me love him more. If he is perfect he would not be the man i fell in love with 51 months ago! Now and forever - with mañana habit or not - i love you more and more Kabute! Happy 3rd Year Anniversary!

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imriz said...

agree w/ u niko, if our partners would be that perfect, they would probably never find their feet towards us:)

Clang said...

Aba at least Yobib fixed it for you--sobrang spoiled ka nga eh lol^_^

Happy Anniversary!Wishing you both lots of happiness^_^

zoan said...

happy 3rd year anniversary Niko and Biboy.

tsaka agree din ako sa iyo :D

Vhen said...

that's something we have to live with them... heheheh

Mommy Liz said...

Oh di ba, flaws and all, loves natin sila. Without their uniqueness and individuality, boring ang relasyon, Bayaan na ang manana habit na yan, di naman tatakbo palabas ang mga gawain, hehehe.. si hubby tatakbo kapag panay ang ngirngir natin sa kanila..

chubskulit said...

Ang sweet sweet mo nanamn Mareng Niks, kamusta na?

Mel Cole said...

Good for you coz your hubbz can fix things for you. Not on mine. :(

Halie Santos - Dayo said...

Congratulations on your third year anniversary.

If you have time, do drop by:

Tomorrow, dear!

sheng said...

Happy Anniversary Mushrooms!

Hay naku buti si Yobib puede mong ulit ulitin Pangit ko nde dahil madali siya mairita at magalit...kaya bihira lang ako mag utos sa knya and ung iba nmang dpat gawin ginagawa nya na kahit nde sinasabihan...

Soulful said...

that's exactly it! regardless of who does what and.. when, it doesn't make any difference. that's what being a couple is all about, hehe..

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