Wednesday, January 31, 2007

the story was

-july 2006

dont know how to start this blog.. but i just did it anyways. i have lots of unspoken words.. there are lots of things i wanna say, i wanna share to someone.. but dont have the guts to say it. hope this one will help me ease some if not all of them.

i have a steady relationship for more than four years now and were planning to settle down next year. i have a very strong faith on him.. it was a matter of loving the person inspite and despite of. i love him near or apart with all my heart.. i know deep he's the one for me.

ealry this year, i have lots of so-called temptations flaring around, you know those guys who ignore you when youre still single and now all of a sudden making you the apple or their eyes.. it was like saying. where were all of you when im still searching?

now im left confused.. i love my man more than anybody else.. but his distance made me think twice. is he really the one for me?


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