Wednesday, July 23, 2008

what causes typhoid fever with pneumonia?

yes, our yena is sick. typhoid fever with pneumonia, that was her pedia's findings. that was too much to bear, but she assured me that yena will be better after 3 to 4 days, given proper medication.

wilkins was advised by her old pedia. and who would have thought that that mineral/purified/distilled water would have cause some bad effect to our baby??! months ago, i wonder why so many pedia in lasalle UMC insist on boiling 15-20 minutes of purified water than using wilkins. now i know the answer. wilkins distilled water, is not anymore safe, it is the culprit on yena's typhoid fever.

all the while we thought yena is perfectly fine. she is always active, actually even after the doctor checked on her yesterday, she was still smiling and laughing. what was unusual to her was her cries early in the morning. now i miss her waking us up with a smile and bubbling noise..

i really hope she will be better after 4 days and wakes us up again with a bang. ;)


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