Monday, July 21, 2008

the more we get together, the happier will be

It's magic how two become one, and then reproduces into three and more! :) i'm talking about yena's first cousins on my side and on his dad's. i know it's the law of procreation, ika nga 'humayo kayo at magpakarami!'. and as hubby always teases me, 'di man kita mabigyan ng magandang buhay, magandang lahi, OO! :) LOL.

Here are yena's playmates/cousins that are equally adorable and wonderful, but which child isnt? heheh, every child is beautiful, ask your mom!! :D

Daddy Yobib's
On her dad's, she is the ninth grandchild... their names equally long and wonderful, and what's funny is that even how wonderful and sweet sounding their names maybe, they end up with lots of pet names.. wonder of name calling?! it's so hilarious.. :D

First picture; Ronnel aka Ron, Charles Angelo aka Pachik, Neil Adrian aka Milong, John Michael aka Memem. These are what i use to call them, their names actually vary on who calls them! ;) Older cousins names were; Jon Audrey aka John john and Carl Joshua aka Cj (not in picture)

Second picture: Vannia Allyson aka Vanang and Kathleen kate aka Kathy. These are much better nicknames.. :)

Mommy Niko's
While on my side, Yena is the third grandchild!
Here in picture are my youngest sister's children. Ayesha Elaine aka Eya and Yeshua Ely aka Yael. My sister and I, decided to name our babies with Y, this after my birth of Yena, kinda fun daw.. :D

It's cool to know, Yena will have lots of playmates, kuyas and ates around her while she's growing up.


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