Monday, November 10, 2008


I am not yet a submissive wife. I say not yet because, in any arguments with hubby i want my side heard and agreed to! I want to get things my way.. I want to see him nod, say yes in anything i suggest.. A negative reaction from him would make me upset, i am that silly i know.

And to this all i pray is for hubby to stay that way.. or if he will change, warn me that i can start to submit and let him be the boss! :)


Erin Tales said...

I like your image of the wolves.

Umma said...

Here you go again Niko ganda, we have the same traits as being said. Like you, I was never been a submissive wife as I always want to win any argument between hubby. Or else expect me to give him a cold shoulder until he tickles me to bed until i laugh.

niko said...

hi erin!

i like it too! i see myself as the attacking wolf.. :D LOL

the other wolf looks like my hubby, so kind, so giving.. :)

niko said...

hahahah. just last night when i was talking to him and he wasnt
listening, i told him my usual espression of being a bratty wife:

dont talk to me!

that made him laugh out loud, i got mad all the more! :D

Mom of Four said...

young and in love..when you come to my age, no more bratty, no more pouty lips, no more "don't talk to me!" you will tell him.."ah, go ahead, i don't care, leave me alone, get out of my hair." Hehehe..

I used to be like that, but, as I get older, and have so many children to take care of, I don't have time to act arte with my hubby..You will learn to be more understanding, patient and you will learn to ignore a lot of things..Cuddling is the best thing we can do before retiring for bed...Take care.

niko said...

mom of four,

thanks for sharing ur thoughts too, i will keep that.. i will bear that in mind..

siguro i will cherish na this days when i can be bratty.. so that after 10 yrs or so, i can look back din smiling just like you..

honeybhing23 said...

hahahaha... here you go guys! the wifey talk again...

simply love reading ur comments and i can see myself with you niko and umma.

never been submissive to my hubby though i know that it's written in the bible ................wife submit to your husband.

for now it's not on my dream to be submissive... i'd always do whatever i believe is right for me even if my husband oppose.

niko said...

hala ate.. are we bad ba? heheh

we are bratty wives, we dont submit to our husbands.. uhmmmm

thanks GOd kasi we have nice husbands who tolerate us and who love us that much! :D

honeybhing23 said...

speaking of being submissive...

shared this topic to my friend who is a member of Couples for Christ and she told me that there is a talk for this topic alone.

and i say...aayyyy! we are actually planning to join Couples for Christ so i told her that on this topic i'll make it sure that we will not attend so he won't force me to be submissive to him.

as in FORCE ha! coz i don't have plan to be submissive...hahahaha

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