Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bridge at Picnic Grove

They were supposed to be scared right? But they were not! The kids just kept on running back and forth! And the bridge swayed that sometimes scared me it might cracked up anytime.

Felt dizzy capturing them.. Felt so tired too. We had been walking for 200m or so, i thought. Just so tired when there are a lot of kids around.

But when yena showed her untiring smile?! I said, lets go on the next trail! Enjoy..


Shinade said...

Oh I don't blame you. I don't like those swing bridges even if I'm the only one on it.:-)

Enchie said...

ang dami ng nadagdag sa picnic grove! :) matagal na akong hindi nakakabalik ng tagaytay. hopefully this december para malamig :)

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