Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Picnic Grove Tagaytay

Aside from the arctic weather, i prefer tagaytay than any other place because it is 45 minutes away from our home! :) But if you are from manila, it would take you more than an hour of travel but that also depends on traffic situation! So its a must to go there early in the morning..

We went there October 2007 for our honeymooning with the kids, when the entrance fee was P25. Last sunday, i was not surprised when i learned that like petroluem products they increased it to P50 per head. Plus the parking fee of P50, and you have to be armed beforehand to bring coins when using their rest rooms - they charge a fee of P2 per use.

They have lots of cottages too which rates starts at P150 and prizes varies with the cottage sizes. There are a couple of restaurants inside now, and lots of souvenir shops! But what was exciting to know was that there were already ZIPLINE and CABLE CAR inside picnic grove! Their rates for weekdays were P100 one way and P200 two way: for weekends P200 one way and P300 two way. Asked me to try them? NO WAY!

Yobib's nephews kept on demanding me to try those rides- they were disappointed when i said NO. i was aggresive with my life before that i could try bungee jumping when asked for, BUT now is completely different - i would not risk my life! I have yena in my mind all the time..


Enchie said...

Must go back there again. Buti na lang may cable car na din sa picnic grove :)

SHIELA said...

i love tagaytay. the last time i've been there was way back 1996. hahaha. i'm really old no? hopefully i can bring my kids to tagaytay when time approves.

thanks for your nice comment.

Mom of Four said...

MOmmy Niko, pareho tayong di na sumaakay sa rides. When I was young, I can ride all day, when I had my first child, I started getting scared even just to cross the street. I always thought, what if I die, who would take care of my baby..

Great view ha..Cable cars, takot ako dyan, eh kung malagot? Negative agad eh noh?

Umma said...

Nice pictures Mareng Niko.. you really made me think to visit Tagaytay one of these days hahaha.

Elizabeth said...

i like to try the Zipline! I saw that sa Jessica Soho program, and gusto ko na agad pumunta ng Tagaytay kinabukasan, hehehe! Buti pinost mo, mejo me glimpse tuloy ako at me cable car na din pala ha? Yippee!!!

Anonymous said...


nice i have found this blog... yung rate po ng mga hotel rooms sa picnic groove magkano po kaya if overnight?
sana po reply you... need it po talaga...

tenks and God bless..

niko said...

i found this rate from google,

hope that helps! enjoy ur stay! :)

Anonymous said...

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