Friday, November 28, 2008

Father and Child

While i was uploading our photos at tagaytay, there is one thing i noticed now that we have yena. Hubby and i have no pictures together anymore!

At those instance when hubby wanted to carry her, yena's resistance was so strong! She wanted to walk along with daddy.. So i captured it.

When she was making faces, i took pictures of it..

The moments of picture taking now is for the father and child. Forget the lovers for a minute. No more lovers displaying public affection captured in photos.

Long was the day of me and hubby on photos.

Now it is the three of US. Now it is the father and child.


Mom of Four said...

Mommy Niko, that's what happens when there's a baby. I don't have much picture with my husband either, I have to take a picture of ourselves making faces, hehehe. Every pictures taken will be the kids. Unless your kid would be old enough to take picture of you and your Yobib.
Have a great day!!

Umma said...

Next time make Yobib as photographer instead...SO you will have more pictures with Yena.

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