Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Nancy Laptop

After a week of anticipation, i finally got my laptop last saturday! It's a MSI Megabook S1313, hubby suggest i have to get a Dell or Acer but i am sticking to what i said i am getting. I think my NANCY has to be a MSI. I am naming my laptop Nancy because it was a birthday gift from my dearest friend Umma whose real name is Nancy. I hope she wont mind because I will be baptizing Nancy on sunday!

MSI Megabook S1313 passed all the requirements ive been looking for in a laptop, although ive been wishing it was colored lavender or pink. :)

Since i dont know what to look for in purchasing a laptop, i asked some friends and their suggested specs and all were satisfied with my MSI.

My MSI Specifications:
Intel COre 2 DUO t5450
1 ghz Santa Rosa F5B 667
Intel Gmax 3100
2GB DDR2667
160gb Sata
DVDRW Super Multi
Built in Modem
Built in 10/100/1000 Gigabit Lan
Built in MSI 80222B/G
Built in Webcam
13.3 Superb Glare TFTLCD


Enchie said...

Wow congrats! Enjoy your new toy :) Blog!blog!blog!

Mberenis said...

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How to Haggle Laptops

wendy said...

wow! my laptop is also like this! MSI. But I think mine's a different model. I like it because its small and easy to carry around!

congrats for having nancy!

its funner to blog on a laptop hehe

SHIELA said...

congrats. enjoy your nancy :)

thanks to your recent comment.

Mummy Gwen said...

Nancy is so elegant and beautiful. ;) That's great, you can blog all day long..hehe.

Mom of Four said...

Hoy ah, ang tagal naman ng chatting natin..kelan ba yun?

iceah said...

bait naman ni mommy Umma c: am an online friend of hers c:

mystique said...

congratz for having nancy!!! happy blogging ;)

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