Wednesday, November 05, 2008

not yet a housewife

i am a wife but not yet a housewife. there's a difference between the two, aside from the spelling my dear. now let me share...

in my dreams, i would wake up ahead of husband. prepare his clothes for the day, from his undershirts to his socks and hankerchief. cook him breakfast. woke him up for his warm bath with his towel on my hand. he would have his breakfast after his warm shower, a kiss on my cheek while sipping his coffee. having a nice talk over breakfast, no hurrying. it was us, early morning enjoying each other after a soundful sleep last night. when he's done i would hand him his lunch box which i prepared while cooking his breakfast. after checking all his needs, i'll dress myself up and prepare for office too.

and then i woke up, it was just a dream. a wonderful dream ive been wishing coming true. i am not yet a housewife. i do prepare his clothes in time when he has to take a bath. but i have never cook him breakfast. not that i am a slug (though i know sometimes i am!), but the real reason is that i do not know how to cook. i would love to try but there has been no chance. we live with my inlaws and the cooking part is not yet designated to a newbie mom like me.


honeybhing23 said...

hehehe.. i'm not a mom but i'm a housewife....

d2 tau nagkakaiba...hehehe cguro pag naging mom na ako marunong ka ng magluto... so then pareho na taung housewife...hehehehe

lahat ng nabanggit mo ginagawa ko and isa sa malaking achievement ko ang matutong magluto though minsan kailangan ko lagi ng mapagtatanungan kasi makakalimutin ako. Dito ko na lang kasi natutunan ang magluto eh.

pag nagbukod na kau matututo ka rin kahit weekends mo lang gagawin kasi for sure for a working mom like u kukuha ka cgurado ng katulong... pero sabi nila dpat paminsan minsan or pag weekends kahit may katulong dpat pinagluluto ang asawa.

Ria said...

your not alone dearie! i remember telling my parents-in-law then (before my hubby and i got hitched) that they should never, ever expect me to cook for their son because i don't know how and will never learn how. ;)

i dream of being a housewife too, you know, just be there for them, be away from the unnecessary stress of work, meeting wackos in the office...the works. i just want peace and quiet time with my family but i guess i was not cut out for it.

enjoy whatever and wherever you are because GOD has put you there for a reason =)

opppsss...still no EC for me. i'll just frequent your sites and bombard them with my comments, how's that for a deal? =)

added you baby blog in my roll...this one's next.

niko said...

hi ate sheng!!

glad to know you are a housewife.. and you're enjoying it!! inggit tuloy ako sa'yo.

well promise i will cook for hubby pag may sarili na kaming bahay. :D

niko said...

hi ria!!

glad you're back.. :D

happy to know na im not alone tlaga.. at gusto ko ang linya mo..

enjoy whatever and wherever you are because GOD has put you there for a reason =)

ganda!! thanks!!

and yes we have a DEAL!!

Mom of Four said...

Being a housewife is not only to cook for your hubby, to clean or do his laundry. I think, being a housewife is being there for your husband anytime, any day.
I was once a full time worker, gone 10-11 hours a day for an 8 hour work. I dreamed of becoming a stay at home mother. My dream came true, June 2005 up to the present. It is great to be a home maker. I wake up every morning to get my son ready for school. Sometimes, to prepare my husband's lunch (it only lasted for 2 weeks) I got tired, hahaha! I watch my kids 24/7, I clean, do the laundry, cook all the time. (free of charge my friends)
I love my role as a plain wife and mom, but there are times that I want to be with other people too.
I want to exchange ideas about family, shopping, cooking and all.
I am happy right now, but as a person, I need to interact with others...Niko, you are so lucky the cooking part is taken care of. I wish someone would cook for me, wahhhh!!!

Babette said...

Hello Niko, to learn how to cook, you can start with just watching and helping them. You can help out with chopping the veggies and then sauteing and mixing it when cooking with your mother-in-law or whoever does the cooking by your side. This is how I learned, I watched our helper every time she cooks dinner.

Umma said...

Same here Niko ganda.. I noticed that we have a lot of things in common my dear hahaha.

Anyway, I dont know how to cook either at least hubby doesn't requires me to cook for him and he just bring food from outside for our dinner.

For breakfast, he just go to Starbucks to grab some coffee and donuts or anything in there.

But I want to learn how to cook too.

niko said...

mom of four,
lucky u, i am dreaming of being a full time housewife too.. but with four kids like? ur so unbelivably tough to manage all house works and the kids.. wow!

i'l try that.. but having yena around the house sure puts me on her side always... kitchen time is for them or for hubby sometimes.. :)

lots of things in common really! :)
i really donr know how to cook and what's shameful part is that hubby cooks for me when he got the chance.. or when im craving for tinola or sinigang.. hehehe

we will learn to cook soon. and we'll exchange recipe if we knew already.. deal?!

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