Sunday, January 04, 2009

When do babies learn to hold their bottles?

There are very few moments i find Yena holding her own bottles at feeding time. She resisted holding them.. My sister teased her to be lazy at that..
Until now at 11 months and 2 weeks, Yena would only hold her bottle when she is sooo hungry. When feeding time, i would lay her to bed and place her bottle on a pillow just so she can have her milk before sleeping.

I saw my nephews mastered holding their bottles even at 9 months. I just wonder when do babies really learn to hold their own bottles? When did your baby started holding their bottles?? Is my baby getting late already?? ;)


Mom of Four said...

Actually, some babies can hold their bottles as early as 5-6 months. Roan was mixed, bottle and breastfed coz I was working during that time. I guess, it depends on who's watching the baby, since Rodney won't hold his bottle for him, Roan learned to do it himself. If you will hold the bottle for Yena, she would not hold it up until she turns 2, otherwise, she would only hold it when she's really hungry, hahaha..
Just remember, every baby is different. No 2 babies are alike..Don't compare your baby to any other babies. When they are ready, they will be ready..

amiable amy said...

My nephews who I borrowed most of the time holds their bottles when they were 6 months old. Actually, the youngest learns earlier than the eldest. Each baby had their own pace. I guess it is not too late for her.

Umma said...

YL is too lazy to hold his bottle too. Maybe he got so used that Im the one who is holding it anyway. Sometimes, he will hold but I guess for acouple of seconds thats it.

kikamz said...

hi niko! sam starting holding her bottle at 9 months too.. but she seldom holds it herself. she noticed kasi that if she holds her bottle herself, i would leave her side and do something else, which is something that she doesn't like. hehehe! kaya ayun, ako pa rin humahawak ng bottle nya... she loves to drink her milk in my arms. :D

Samantha Ysabelle said...

hi mommy niko! my answer to your question can be found here.

hugs po!

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

my pamangkin Iris I think started to hold her own bottle cguro mga before cya mag 1 yr old.

those are cute pictures!her eyes are sparkling!

sweetytots said...

my daughter held her bottle at 4 months..
Memory Filled
Sweety tots

she is so adorable.. id hold her bottle for her..

Anonymous said...

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Carlos said...

Hi! Care to x-link? I have added you already in my list. Have a nice day!

Leigh said...

My niece just turned a year old and she just flat out refuses to hold her own bottle still. I think it's due to her parents spoiling her. My son held his own bottle early, 6 months or so. My daughter was never on a bottle much. I wouldn't worry about it as long as the doctor thinks she's on track.

Anonymous said...

7 months start my baby hold her bottle kc ganyan din ako lazy to feed and hold her bottle he he ganyan talaga mga baby cguro

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