Friday, March 27, 2009


No, you're not getting lost, this is still the lover mushroom's blog! :) Just want to change it to a new look.. oh well i might be changing it again sooner when i have much time, but for the moment i think this new template will do! :) Am still looking for three column templates and i can't find any that suits my taste.. Hahah

Anyway, husband has a new job already and he seems to be enjoying in his new company. Which is a good sign, really. The job came right in time when we are on the end line of our hope :) The company is just a walk away from my job (good!), with same work time schedule (very good!) and is a petroleum company ( very very good!) meaning it might be out of danger in this time of recession.. I just hope so.

Yena, our little mushroom, is with her grandma while we are at work. So we left her when she is still sleeping and surprisingly she is still awake when we get home at night. Night time would mean cooking for dinner and playing with Yena who is making lots of silly tricks already. That leave me sleeping like 12am everyday! Well hubby wakes up when Yena asks for her milks, relief! :)

The wifey me, wakes up at 445am. Cook breakfast and do my home cooked meal for my lunchbox! :) Wakes hubby up at 530am and eat our breakfast together. And we end up running after the bus before 630am!

Lots of changes actually after our house moving, aside from me cooking which is the biggest change so far, hahah. But we are embracing all the changes no matter how good or not good it is, there is no contant in this world but change, anyway!


S-H-Y said...

WOW bago template natin ah, nice cia kaau cla oi cute kay mo tan awon..

Enchie said...

this is a good entry Niko :) with the new job, the change of look, a new beginning for you guys! Bless you!

Mom of Four said...

Well said Mare ko, talaga namang very wifey ang dating moha. Kaka admire ah. Di kasi ako ganyan ka wifey eh, hehehe. Keep uo that good work.

I love your new Template, so family ang arrive.

Cecile said...

A very busy, Mom indeed! I don't know if I can do that. After staying home for few years...big change for me, too when I go back to working outside home :-). I really admire busy mom like you and Liza who is busy, too though she is a stay at home mom. Keep it up dear! Proud of you!

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