Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I must say Goodbye to you!

Being a neophyte cook, i began to explore my little kitchen with these instants i got from the grocery. I became a fan of Del Monte, the moment husband favored my chicken curry using curry mix. But i guess, this will be the last set of my instants i have to use every cooking time. Husband wants me to cook the natural aka hard way.

And these sets of soup, that is very yummy with every fried viand will also be the last to behold my kitchen. Sigh. Now, no matter how hard it will be, i must bid goodbye to DelMonte Quick n Easy and Knorr. :(

My menudo that i cook this morning is quite the ground for hubby's disliking the products. He said it taste good, but he disagrees that menudo should have laurel leaves! I told him to complain on DelMonte's! Am just following instructions and its not my fault. Hahah

Oh well, in my mind, i know i have to cook every meal on its original way and not to be dependent on instants! Sure they are making my life easier but i have to learn things in a harder way to appreciate them! :)


Cecile said...

Hay naku dear, ganyan talaga kahit na alam natin na di mabuti sa atin ng instant, di maiiwasan eh.

Ako nga kahit i always cook from scratch, may instant pa rin ako paminsan insan eh, lalo na pag pinoy foods :-)!

Sige lang dear, lahat naman tayo learned things the hard way eh.

I still know you are doing great with your cooking, kahit wala na instant :-)

Clarissa said...

Kahit from sratch ang luto mo at kung kahit na medyo sumemplang ka man sa timpla,ok lang yan kasi hindi naman lahat ng luto ay perfect sa una lalo na kapag ikaw ay beginner pa lang.you will learn from that paunti-unti!
tapos pag nagreklamo si yobib sa luto mo,sabihin mo na cya na lang kako ang magluto!hehehee!!(joke yobibs!)

pehpot said...

hehe menudo has laurel leaves talaga, or maybe he is not used ot it hehe.. when I finished mt food blog ikaw dapat suki ko ha LOL.. tuturuan kita pati kung paano magluto ng kare kare, imbutido at tocino at kung ano ano pa na pede mo ipatinda sa anak mo sa mga teacher nya LOL

Make or Break

Beth said...

ay oo nga, tama si pehpot, minsan masarap ung menudo pag me laurel leaves, pero masarap din pag wala dpende sa nagcook. alam mo ba, di ako gumamit ng mga yan ever! takot kasi ako na bka nga di ako matuto e.
I really admire your patience in learning how to cook, niko! alam mo ba, ako naman ang konti ng alam kong lutuin!!! sinasarapan ko na lang para di halatang di magaling magluto! para di halatang konti lang ang alam, hehehe...
someday, i know makakatikim din ako ng luto mo. ('*,)

Babette (Lifetime Mom) said...

Naku, next time, sabihin mo kay mister na ikaw ang cook so you can add whatever you want. LOL Pero ako rin di naglalagay ng laurel leaves, iba-iba talaga ang recipe ng menudo. Ang importante lasang menudo. he he

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