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I love you this much, I do!

Rodliz’s Nest
October 26, 2007, The day I said I do the man that I love was the day I hurt my mother the most..
Me, Yobib and his family

My decision to marry yobib was against my families wish. But marrying him was my ultimate wish and it’s the best decision I had ever made in my entire life. I know I hurt my mother but I know sooner than soon my family will accept my decision no matter how much they refuse it.

Sunny friday on that month of October (full moon to be exact!), I went to the municipal hall without my parents or any of my family member by my side. Yobib was with his parents and eldest brother. We have one set of godparents to witness our union. I remember yobib’s eldest sister, yobib’s aunt and their neighbors’ are crying, they pity me so much. I would be marrying him without my family’s support. It always brings tears to my eyes remembering how I felt forsaken by my family on my wedding day but I can’t blame them.
Our godparents

So at 10am we were wed solemnly at Victoria’s Court. The judge that wed us was Atty Victoria by the way, that’s what her court was called by her employees. After that less than 30 minutes ritual we went to Balinsasayaw for our wedding reception.. The next day was the drink all you can session with some of our friends and yobib’s family and relatives..

I went home only to cry, my mother disown me for marrying Yobib. But after all has been said and done, my mother warmed up as the days pass by and now the atmosphere between her and Yobib has changed a lot for the better..

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Mom of Four said...

Mare, kala ko sa movie lang yung na di disown. Wala man akong parents sa tabi ko ng kinasal ako, it was because of an unavoidable circumstances. But I am glad that your mom and Yobi's relationship is now of a MIL and SII can feel the pain that you had while getting married, but you made the right choice. Look at you now, you are so happy and in-love. Sometimes in life, we will be given some trials and it would be up to us to handle it, be it good or bad. Love is a gamble, win some or lose some. You won and will be winning until the end.

Thanks for sharing this. didn't realize that the story behind lover's mushroom was this complicated, but happy ending.


Cecile said...

love conquers all; look at you and yobib now, happy and successful...

thanks for sharing your love story and the trials you have gone through...but despite of that all, happy ending pa rin, di ba?

hugs to Yena for ha :-)!

Cecile said...

mine is here:

Anonymous said...

it reminds me of my parents too!!! Thanks for sharing your wedding day sis!

sweet_shelo said...

Hi sis, love will always find a way di ba.. We almost have the same story, kaya lang ikaw naman wala ang family mo..

But thanks the Lord na the relationship between your family and your hubby is now working fine...

Glad you shared your story sis..

teJan said...

hmm..that was sad..but you two were look great in fairness:) heheh! When two are for each other everything's gonna be fine gradually:)

Well written!

Happy CC!!!

Rossel said...

I was touched by your story Niko. at least now, Yobib and your mom are okay. Yobib has proven to her that he's the man for you and that he loves you so much.

mine is up too!

sheng said...

so far medyo nasundan ko ang story nio but then nalulungkot pa rin ako tuwing mababasa ko ulit ito..."The day I said I do the man that I love was the day I hurt my mother the most"...i can relate on your story coz it was the same thing that i have done to my mom...

hmmmm...neway...sabi nga nila nde lahat ng tao maaring masaya sa mga nagiging desisyon natin but along the way matatanggap din nila ito...look at you sure now ur mom love yobib and yena so much already...

Kero said...

just like in the movies! and like in the reel screen, happy ending din. oooh these are my kind of romance stories hihi.

ako din I didn't have anybody from my family because my grannies were too old to travel.

i admire your courageous love for your hubby. may your vows be eternal.

my entry is here

Chie Wilks said...

nkakaiyak naman pala ang sitwasyon mo sa wedding day mo sis but still,even with the absence of your family, both of you look so happy on your wedding was your choice and you were happy doing it and now, still happy with the decision you once made,yun ang importante. plus meron pa kayong npakagandang anghel..lie is great after all

Chie Wilks said...

life* is great after all

gengen said...

Katouch naman sa story mo..Courageous ka rin ba...Thanks for sharing.

Clarissa said...

We almost have the same story,baliktad nga lang.Sabi ng MIL ko nung nag-away si Yochan at ang FIL ko dati na kahit na palayasin cya sa bahay at mawalan sila ng anak pakakasalan pa rin daw nya ako!! Kahit na ganun ang nangyari sa kasal nyo, ok naman ang pagsasama nyo ngayon at nai-prove mo naman sa Mama mo na mabuting asawa si Yobib at di ka nagkamali sa desisyon mo.

genejosh said...

naku mare parang sa movie ko lang nakita ang ganitong really prove that your love for each other is so strong...if you love somebody it's really a decision and you stand in your ground in defending the one that you love though it means hurting least after that trials you're both on your feet and proving to the world that you've made the right choice. You're a happy and always in love na Mrs. eras..he..he...your story is soooo touching..Happy day! Mine's here:

Seiko said...

Naiyak naman ako dito sa story mo mare.Kami din ang daming drama bago naikasal,pinalayas din kasi ang asawa ko sa kanila nung malaman na magpapakasal sa akin.Hahit yata harangan pa ng sibat pag talagang nagmahal lahat kayang hamakin.
Anyway what really matters now is happy ka na & ok na rin ang relationship mo ng parents mo.
I love your story mare naiyak talaga ako ,I swear
Btw,I'm ready sa operation smile mare!Count me in!Mwah!

nuts said...

you're so lovely in your blue dress..

kakaiyak naman..

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