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What Marriage Proposal?

Rodliz’s Nest

I was a bit scared to write my entry at today’s CC. First, I have a very bad memory on what happened way back 2006 and second, I am afraid to get another ‘objective’ comment on my ‘dry writing’. LOL

But nonetheless, this is for my kumareng liz, so what the heck! :D I cannot afford to miss an entry at CC! So please forgive me if I am not as ‘gifted writer’ as my husband is. I will continue to write for as long as I like!

I already asked husband to join in today's meme. I really need to hear his side. Anyways, as for my account, there was no surprise marriage proposal, no flowers, no romantic dinner though I wish there was something of that sortl just like any couple do, hahah. But hey I love how my love story is written, it isn’t planned and it is what kept us together so I have no regrets. I just hope my bad memory serves me right. IF you still want to know our story before we said I do, read on..

Contrary to what other people know, I run away from home ALONE. Yobib followed me to Manila and decided to live with me after a couple of months. I run away from home November 2006. December 2006 we bought our wedding ring together at Binondo. You can buy cheapest jewelries there, i just can't guarantee if their fake or not. Oppps. Free advertising. ;)

We drop by at Binondo Church, he said he was going to marry me (not that telenovela style) it was a sincere talk between us in front of the altar. We were holding each other’s hands and we wore our ring for the first time while praying to God to bless us.
The ring at Binondo Church @ December 2006

So after that talk at the Binondo Church we head home with our ring on. We told everybody that we were wed secretly at a nearby municipal hall. I knew they didn’t believe us but then that was what we want to believe, that we are married already. ;)

And yes, we were married ten months after, the mushy and teary details i will share on my next CC entry! :)

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sweet_shelo said...

That was unique sis.. The proposal was made at the church and you wore wedding rings right after.. I thought it's cute..

Thanks for sharing it here and hope to hear more next week.

Rossel said...

I agree with shelo, it's cute. kami din sa binondo bumili ng ring. pagkabiling-pagkabili namin e pina-appraise kaagad namin kase baka fake. lol! genuine naman at tama ka mura talaga.

Kero said...

hey, i like your writing style. it's quick and direct and funny :)

well, at least he was there present when he proposed. kidding!!

your hubby picked a sacred place for the moment. as God is his witness to ask you to be his lifetime partner. I think that is real romance, gurl!

i look forward to more of your stories :)

my entry is here

Mom of Four said...

First of all Mare, we are all "great writers" in our own way. Some people are gifted to have really wide imagination and they are now famous authors, and accept it or not, we ain't one of them. But..we are writers because we write, hehehe!

Dry? whoever finds your writing dry, I will say to him/her.."Thank you, thank you..maybe you are a great writer, I need some pointers" oh ha!!!

Anyways, it's not where or how the proposal is made, it's the proposal itself that is the most important. Mare ko, there's a lot of women in a relationship that never heard their men asking them " will you marry me?" one Yobib did was really mushy and honest and sincere. Maybe someday if we can afford it, pakasal din kami ni Rodney kahit sa chapel lang, hehehe!

I appreciate your joining this Meme, kahit may mga taong, partly uneducated to tell the whole blogoshphere that your writing is dry compare to your hubby. Di siguro nya alam na may kasabihang "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" dito kasi sinusunod yan, ewan sa kanila kung meron silang ganyan. Love you Mare ko..Muahh!

chubskulit said...

hey sino ba nagsasabing dry ang writng mo at matapilok nga hehehe joke.. Kung dry ang writing mo eh ano ako,.. bulok writing wahhhhhhhhhh..

Ang galing naman ng proposal very solemn..

John & Rose

gengen said...

I agree to everybody your story is unique. The usual standard of proposing is not really matters as long as two of your are inlove. Thanks for sharing mine is also ready.

eds said...

aww. ano ba yan talagang SM ang ginawa nio ng hubby mo.. hmm.. intersting? parang gusto ko next week na para mabasa ko un susunod na kabanata hehehe..

Cecile said...

very solemn naman yung proposal nyo; kakakilig; very unique talaga!

nah ako rin eh dry ang writing ko; pero kung sino man yung nagsabi na dry eh di bigay siya ng pointers, para ako din matuto magsulat, hehehe, seriously...i find your writing very interesting and not dry!

Bambie dear ★ said...

your love story is like against all odds.. kahit na you never had that usual proposal wherein the guy would kneel down and pop up the question, you just have a lovely lovestory to tell.. sana maka-habol ako sa cc, im not also a gifted writer lol.

pehpot said...

romeo and juliet isdatchu?

I know how faith is very important in your lives and I ma happy that he "proposed" inside the church.. it only shows how serious he is on marrying on you

pehpot said...

romeo and juliet isdatchu?

I know how faith is very important in your lives and I ma happy that he "proposed" inside the church.. it only shows how serious he is on marrying on you

anne said...

ok lang yan girl at least after the trials happy ending din naman di ba?
see you on the next topic hehehe

Clarissa said...

Buti na lang at pinaglaban nyo ang pag-ibig nyo sa isa't-isa!!Look at the two of you now?!Meron ng Yena!!^_^

I have received your mail dear,count me in!^_^btw,this will be very first time to write an advance post.Pagpasencya mo na lang,medyo madalian kasi.Uuwi na naman kami sa bukid eh.

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