Monday, May 17, 2010

Naic Aroma Beach Resort Rates

It was our second time at Aroma Beach Resort in Naic and like the first time, it was fun. We always look forward going to this place with my family and relatives. The rate is affordable and the place is clean.

Since their website has no details on their rates, here's the list of the rates that i can remember. ^_^

Resort Entrance
Adult: P30
Children: P10

Swimming Pool Entrance
Adult: P70
Children: P60

Cottages Big Villas ranges from Php1000 to P3000

Airconditioned Rooms ranges from P1000 (not sure! we didn't get one because the room is only good for 2)

Little Nipa Hut P150 (good for 10 persons only)

Will post pictures soon!


Ayan said...

Thanks for the details!

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